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You go on vacation, on weekends? Think AirBnB!

The Bonus:
- 10 A ++ offered for your first trip via AirBnB (minimum 65 €)
- 30 A ++ offered to receive a traveler via AirBnB

How to receive my Bonus?

  1. Register on AirBnB by clicking this link.
  2. As soon as you make your first trip and / or first rental, you contact me by email, to tell me that it is validated.
  3. When it's validated on my AirBnB account, I credit you A ++ (10 or 30)
  4. You can touch 40 A ++ in total, if you rent your accommodation, and go on holiday via AirBnB.
  5. Good holidays !

AirBnB, who are they?

AirBnB connects individuals or professionals, for the rental of their house, apartment, rooms, lodgings ...
Ideal to spend a weekend or a real holiday.
But why not for business trips!

The prices offered by individuals are often very interesting! Enjoy!

And if you go on vacation, you can also rent your house or apartment during this time! Ideal even for a few days.